Yoga Pam

Purple is definitely the theme of this Yoga studio website.

Features of this site include class locations with maps, a photo gallery and a video section. A special announcement page has been created that can be updated with the latest news.

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Pallet Tracker manual

An online user manual for the popular Pallet Tracker inventory tracking software.

This website features user selectable colour themes and multi-tabbed sections. The look and feel is designed to mimic that of Pallet Tracker.

Included is a scaled down version of Pallet Tracker that demonstrates features and common procedures. Also included are interactive SOP lists that guide the user through common functions.

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Safety house

An interactive website about safety at home.

Use the customised house-plan menu to navigate through the safety house, discovering safety tips along the way. This website encourages the visitor to explore the safety house and use the tips to improve safety in their own homes.

It includes a risk analysis form that the visitor can download and use to evaluate the safety of their own home and to help spot potential issues.

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An interactive and animated website with an aviation theme.

Designed to target flight simulator enthusiasts and gamers, this site is set inside an airplane cockpit.

The interface includes an interactive cockpit style dashboard that contains navigation and information panels. The dashboard also contains buttons that control the website animation as well as a Flash animation community ad panel.

The dashboard can be hidden to reveal a sky background with the content being displayed within the clouds.

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